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24 Mar

Fundul BOMBAT e in trend! Let’s do SQUATS! (3)

Daaa! Subiectul meu preferat! Sportul!


Si cand ma gandesc ca acum 7 ani cand m-am hotarat sa incep sa fac miscare era un adevarat ‘’calvar’’ pentru mine… Imi doream atat de mult sa faca parte din stilul meu de viata, dar in aceeasi masura renuntam dupa fiecare saptamana in care o luam de la capat… Dar nu a durat mult, si cu rabdare, perseverenta si dorinta de a fi mereu in forma, mi-am intrat in ritm, si acum pot spune fericita ca sportul ocupa un loc foarte important in viata mea! Si asta se vede in tot: tonus, energie, o sanatate mai buna, incredere de sine, autosatisfactie. Nu stres, nu depresie, nu anxietate. Da! Sportul este raspunsul!

Ce ma motiveaza pe mine sa fac miscare? In primul rand rezultatele obtinute, oamenii din jurul meu le vad si mi le confirma, hainele ‘pica’ mult mai bine si este o adevarata placere sa incerc stiluri vestimentare noi, si mai ales sezonul care urmeaza… pai cine nu isi doreste sa aiba un corp fit la piscina?

Dar sa nu uitam de alimentatie, care este la fel de importanta ca si sportul. Doua saptamani de sport si alimentatie corecta iar rezultatele nu vor intarzia sa apara.

Insa astazi am ales sa va vorbesc despre squat (genuflexiuni). Ooo, da! Sunt exercitiile mele preferate. Si cum mama natura nu ne-a inzestrat pe toate cu un posterior a la Beyonce, tot ce ne ramane de facut este sa il ‘’ajutam’’ putin. Si care credeti ca este cea mai buna metoda? DA! SQUAT-ul! Va voi arata ilustrat o parte din antrenamentul meu, cu greutate proprie, care nu necesita nici timp mult sau aranjat special si nici conditii perfecte. Te poti antrena aproximativ 20-30 minute, cu repetari constante, intr-un ritm nu foarte alert. Il puteti face acasa, in parc, la sala, in fata blocului, oriunde va simtiti confortabil.

Si nu uitati: genuflexiunile sunt printre putinele exercitii care lucreaza atat de multi muschi. De aceea sunt o activitate excelenta si utila pentru tonifierea si intarirea posteriorului, abdomenului si desigur a picioarelor. Tot ce ai de facut este sa te apuci chiar acum! Cu determinare, rabdare si incredere, iar rezultatele nu vor intarzia sa apara.


A CURVED posterior is trendy, girls! Let’s do SQUATS!

Oh, yeah! My favorite subject: sports! And if I remember that 7 years ago, when I started working out, it was a real “nightmare” for me… I wanted so much to have exercising as a constant part of my life, but at the same time, I used to give up on myself weekly, only to start all over again the next week and so on… However, it didn’t take me long to manage to find my own rhythm, and with the help of a lot of patience, determination and the burning desire of always staying fit, I am now happy to say that working out is actually a significant part of my life. And it shows when it comes to all the major things: health, energy, mood, self-esteem and confidence! There’s no stress, no anxiety, no desolation. Oh, yeah! Sport is the answer.

What keeps me motivated to work out? First of all, I love looking back to where I’ve started and then think about where I am now, these results I’ve obtained keep me going, especially when everybody around me notice them too. Then, there is so much easier wearing everything you like and trying out new and provoking outfits when you’re fit, cloths look so much better on you. And last, but not least, summer is coming, so who wouldn’t want to look dashing at the pool?

But let’s not forget about nutrition, which is as important as working out. Two weeks of going to the gym and having proper healthy food and the results are bound to show up.

However, today I want to talk to you about squats. I have to admit that they are my favorite exercises. And since we don’t have all Beyonce’s posterior, all we have left to do is work a bit in that area. Can you guess which exercise has the most rewarding results? Yes, we’re talking about the squat! I’ll show you pictures from my custom training, using my own weights, a workout which doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare, nor to perform and which doesn’t require any special or ideal conditions. You can work out for about 20 or 30 minutes, using repetitive moves, you can do it at home, in the park, at the gym, right in front of you block, or wherever you feel like it. And remember: squats are one of the very few workouts that put so many muscles to work. That’s why they’re great for your posterior, your abdomen and your feet as well. All you have to do is get started right away! Be determined, be patient and also confident and the results won’t fail to show up.

Haide, haide, let’s squat!! Fundul BOMBAT e in trend. What are your body goals for 2016?

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