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Afternoon in Munich - Afternoon in Munich - COVER
Can you believe that I was like about 4 times in Munich and I've never been able to visit it? Weird, huh? But that happens when you travel with your job, and time is very short and limited. This is how my short trip to Munich would have looked like, if I did not do everything possible to manage to visit the wonderful city for at least a few hours....
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STREETSTYLE | Dare to be different - STREETSTYLE  - Dare to be different - COVER
This is what I always say to myself before each shooting: I want something different! And this time this is exactly what I’ve got! I love this outfit! It gives you the feeling of a strong woman. I chose an original combination between an army style top with pockets and small straps applied and these high-waist trousers bearing the same shade, which are so lightly! I like the minimal lines and the unconventional cuts which are to be found in full within this outfit....
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